About This Purchase

Thanks for checking out Super Mario Run!

By purchasing the full Super Mario Run game, you can play all six Worlds on your adventure to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's castle! You can also play as additional characters, such as Luigi and Yoshi, and build extravagant buildings in Kingdom Builder.

・World ★ will open after clearing all courses in World Tour.
・Luigi and others will become available as playable characters.
・All colors of toads can be collected via Toad Rally.
・The Kingdom Builder area will expand.
・Enjoy Remix 10 without having to wait.

Please read the following details:

You can access your user data on another device by linking Super Mario Run to your Nintendo Account. If you do this, you will keep all your coins, Toads, Rally Tickets, Kingdom Builder buildings, etc.

Your purchase status will not be carried over when you access your user data via your Nintendo Account. You can check your purchase status through your smart device's account.

Note: If you access your play data on a different device platform, you'll need to repurchase the game to play World Tour beyond World 1-4.
Note: If you access your play data on another device on the same platform, you'll need to restore the purchase via that device's account after installing the game. No additional purchases will be required.
Note: Purchase bonuses can be applied to a Nintendo Account one time only. Even if you repurchase from an operating system that you have not yet purchased the full game on, the purchase bonuses will not be applied if you use the same Nintendo Account.

If you have any questions or need more information, refer to the Help and Inquiries section within the game.